The Taxnology Difference

Our technology and our values come together to drive the best possible customer experience.

Advanced software robotics. Next-generation methodology. Experienced experts.

We always put our customers first.

Taxnology provides a wide range of tax and accounting services. With decades of experience working with clients across many industries Taxnology offers a depth of knowledge about the tax system that enables us to provide strategic, creative solutions.


  • Technology is transforming taxation and related services #TaxTech #GovTech #FinTech
  • Taxnology is an innovative consulting company focusing on tax and technology . We’re a team of tax and tax technology industry veterans who know taxation, know how to build and implement software and technology and know how to optimize business processes.
  • Our innovative and passionate team has also developed Digital Solutions for Hungary #eVAT #eRegistration #eXPAT #TXNCode
  • We also have an international partners, like Avalara, and Way2VAT, who provide cross-border VAT solutions.
  • Quality. Results. Value. Accuracy. Taxnology.

Digital Administration.

  • Digitization reached the business administration, which is under a significant transformation
  • Using our #TXNCode system, accounting, human resources, payroll and tax processes can be digitized #eVAT #eRegistration #eXPAT #TXNCode
  • Business Administration can be robotized and fully executed with smart devices. 

Digital Solutions.

  • Our digital solutions are independent from any platform, all the data are stored in a structured way in cloud, easily available also years later for any purposes, like for tax audits or financial analysis #eVAT
  • You can easily research and work with documents and information marked with our #TXNCode system – tax returns, financial reports and analysis will be available within seconds #eVAT
  • #TXNCode is the key of a real-time and on-line centralized financial management system
  • With our #eXPAT solution, we can easily prepare personal income tax returns of expatriates living in Hungary – you just give us some information through our online channel and your tax return is ready for filing

Traditional Consulting and Digital Solutions.

#eRegistration (VAT)

Register on our website and give the basic company information. That’s all.


With our #eXPAT digital solution, we are able to easily prepare personal income tax returns of expatriates living in Hungary – just some Q&A on your tablet or phone in a coffeeshop or when waiting for a bus, and your return is ready for filing.


Prepare the draft VAT return with pushing a button, approve and download it for filing, or let us file it for you. Of course, to do this you need our #SmartCode system.


Our #TXNCode system makes you enable to research and sort out the #BigData digitally.

Additional Features.


Your data can be analyzed for years for cash-flow planning and/or budget purposes with our built-in analysis tools.


If you have any questions, you can turn to a professional advisor.


Your data will be available from anywhere at anytime, when you need it, e.g. for internal or tax audit purposes, still in a case, if the tax team left/changed.