Making Tax Digital with our Digital Business Machine©

With our online, cloud-based eVAT return solution our clients could prepare their own tax returns in a blink of an eye, with our 24/7 service!


  • Our Vision is to build an EU wide, online, digital tax compliance center.
  • We are a start-up company, seeking partnering opportunities and funding.
  • We currently provide our system in Hungary, focusing to the Hungarian VAT returns.
  • We are looking for professional partners in the European Union (like advisory firms), who are able to deal with professional questions coming from our clients and wants to participate in our project with updates of the applicable rules.
  • We are developing our system, and soon we will expand our services to other EU markets.

The New Way of Business Administration.

  • Digitalization also reached the business administration, which is now under a significant transformation.
  • The first step of this was the turnout of the shared service and tax compliance centers, where these centers are responsible for the execution and the handling of specific operational tasks, such as accounting, human resources, payroll and tax.
  • The critical issue in shared service centers is the way processes are standardized. Now, standardization reached a level, where the processes can be robotized and fully executed with IT tools.  

Our Digital Business Machine©.

  • The Digital Business Machine© (DBM) is our web-based solution for the digitalization of business administration processes, operable independently from any platform, while all the data will be stored in a structured way in a cloud, easily available also years later for any purposes, like for tax audits or financial analysis.
  • To use our DBM system, the data necessary for the process should be provided in a pre-structured way, alternatively, we will adjust our interface to your systems, or you make an interface to our system and thus, our DBM system will be able to import the information needed.
  • Digital Business Machine© also helps multinational companies to centralize the management of business administration processes.
  • Imagine, that you can prepare all VAT returns in the European Union using one web-site, one web-based application, where all the information are kept and those are available from anywhere, wherever needed. And this is only the beginning of this new era.

Our Solution for VAT return

1. Register

Register on our website and give the basic company information.

2. Upload Your Data

Easily  upload the VAT analytics in a csv or Excel format.

3. Prepare and Approve Your Return

Prepare the draft VAT return with pushing a button, approve and download it for filing, or let us file it for you.

Additional Features


Your data can be analyzed for years for cash-flow planning and/or budget purposes with our built-in analysis tools.


If you have any questions, you can turn to a professional advisor.


Your data will be available from anywhere at anytime, when you need it, e.g. for internal or tax audit purposes, still in a case, if the tax team left/changed.

Try it !

  • You can try our tool through contacting us.
  • We offer not only standard, but also individual packages tailored to your needs.