Tax Services.

Tax Consulting

As a professional services company, Taxnology Innovations has been looking after any kind of business and tax affairs of individuals, families and businesses.

We provide full scope of tax compliance services and tax advices to both corporate and private clients. We possess the necessary expertise to ensure that our clients and their businesses are compliant with all current legislation.

The founders of Taxnology has 25+ years tax experience within big four consulting and industry firms, where they also dealt with not only delivering professional tax advices, but also building and operating tax compliance departments, deploying technology solutions to improve efficiency.

Taxnology Innovations is also providing tax automation services and solutions for its clients, and as digital tax management consultants, we have developed and deploy an online and fully automated tax compliance specialist. We have developed a cloud-based software platform that provides an end-to-end suite of transactional tax compliance solutions for Hungary. On our platform all tax matters can be solved through a onestop-shop portal; in a word where the business has no borders.

Furthermore, we also have Avalara as international partner, who provides cross-border VAT reporting and automation services.

Technology holds the key to the future of tax, while Taxnology raises the old fashioned tax compliance procedures into the 21 century.

However, we provide services and advise clients on several number of areas, including:

Tax Compliance, Bookkeeping

Growing scrutiny by tax authorities means businesses now face ever-increasing tax compliance and reporting obligations. Dealing with complex fiscal rules, changing legislation and harsher penalty regimes can place a considerable burden on you, your management team and your business. How you manage your tax affairs can also potentially impact on your public profile.

Having a trusted partner to manage your bookkeeping and tax compliance requirements and negotiate and resolve any issues with the Hungarian authorities enables you to focus your time and effort on running your business.


VAT is a transaction tax that impacts on all businesses and industry sectors. It has become increasingly important for business and governments alike. VAT and similar transaction-based taxes have been introduced in most parts of the globe.

Our aim is to unravel the complexity of VAT. We provide clear, concise and commercially grounded advice to directly address our clients’ needs. We pride ourselves on solving difficult VAT problems in a practical, timely and cost-efficient way. We identify cash-saving opportunities, advise on the correct VAT treatment, and help our clients manage VAT risk. Our team is pro-active, knowledgeable and commercially aware, and we have a friendly and professional approach when working with clients.

We advise businesses across all sectors on meeting their VAT compliance obligations in an efficient manner. We can undertake and complete VAT returns, EC Sales Lists, applications for registrations, and option to tax forms on your behalf. Alternatively, we can review your accounting procedures and systems, or provide appropriate training to key members of staff.

International Tax

Whether you’re expanding into new markets, planning to acquire an overseas business or coming to Hungary to establish a new business, you need to efficiently manage complex cross-border tax issues.

With the global trend toward greater tax transparency, authorities around the world have increasing resources to investigate and monitor business activity across international borders. Particularly in relation to tax avoidance, transfer pricing and controlled foreign company rules.

If your business operates in multiple jurisdictions, complying with local laws and staying on top of changing legislation requires great diligence and considerable time and effort.

Employee share and incentive schemes

We have extensive experience of advising businesses on granting tax efficient share incentives and share options to employees. There are a number of efficient ways in which companies can grant share incentives and share options to employees. Company share ownership plans, unapproved or approved share option schemes, phantom share schemes.

We can advise you on all aspects of these arrangements, including setting appropriate performance targets, valuations and the tax requirements. We can also advise on the tax consequences of non-Hungarian share option arrangements, such as FCPEs in France or stock options or restricted stock units in the UK or in the US.

Global mobility

With tax rules subject to constant change, it’s essential that you regularly review your foreign employees’ tax and social security affairs and plan accordingly. You may be worried about the tax and social security consequences of a foreign assignment, or impact that rises in share plans in your assignees participating.

Whatever your needs, having access to a wide range of expertise and being able to structure your foreign employees’ tax and social security affairs effectively can save you time and effort.

Employment taxes, benefits and incentives

Sound employment benefits and incentives planning helps attract, retain and motivate high-quality employees as well as bringing your business substantial tax cost savings.

Employers often need answers to a number of important questions in an employment tax landscape that can be increasingly difficult to navigate. How can you streamline employee rewards to maximize return on investment? How should you structure employee remuneration to support your long-term growth plans? Which share schemes are the best fit for your business? What’s the best way to manage your compliance obligations and risks? We have the answers to these questions.

Corporate income tax

Whether you’re a family business or a complex multinational group, you need to be able to satisfy the authorities and other stakeholders that your tax affairs are in order. This requires time and resources to understand and respond to complex legislation in an environment where the tax authority’s review processes are becoming increasingly sophisticated.

Managing your tax exposure also requires the expertise to consider all relevant taxes in the context of your commercial objectives. An effective plan will help you make the most of all available tax reliefs and maximize savings. This is particularly important if you’re restructuring your business, considering a transaction or expanding overseas.