Who We Are


We are a unique, innovative, state owned venture capital funded start-up company in Hungary, which aims to simplify the business administration.

  • First, we have focused on the most complicated business administration task: taxation.
  • Our Vision is to build an EU wide, online, digital tax compliance center.
  • Currently, we offer fast, cost-effective Hungarian VAT return preparation solution for foreign and Hungarian resident companies.
  • We are also planning to offer our services in other European Union countries, thus, we are looking not only potential investors, but also professional local partners, who are able and want to help us to develop a web-based tool, where all European Union VAT returns can be handled.

Our investors

VC Fund

Our main investor is Hiventures, which is a venture capital fund, owned by the Hungarian government.

  • We also have three individual investors, who worked in the business administration (tax) industry for 15 years, having significant industry experience.
  • We have dedicated our efforts so far to provide a service where our clients could upload their analytics (i.e. the information needed for a tax return) in a defined format (Excel or csv file), which can be exported from almost any IT system and they will be able to generate their Hungarian tax returns with pressing a single button

Our Management

JG Photo

Dr. Györgyi Jenei, Managing Director, Owner

Dr. Györgyi Jenei is the Managing Director and owner of Taxnology, having a law degree. Before starting the Taxnology project, Györgyi worked in various leading and professional positions at international consulting and manufacturing companies, like Deloitte, KPMG, Lear and General Electric.

  • Györgyi started her career at Deloitte in 2006, and during her career she worked for international and Hungarian companies and she also gained experience in various international trainings.
  • Györgyi has wide experience in tax, specifically in VAT consulting and compliance projects, including development of tax technology tools, managing regional tax compliance work for the EMEA region (including almost 15 countries) and managing complex issues with ERP systems. Györgyi speaks Italian and fluent English.
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László Soós, Business Development Director, Owner

László Soós is the Business Development Director and owner of Taxnology. Before starting the Taxnology project, László worked in various leading and professional positions at international consulting companies, like Deloitte, KPMG and Grant Thornton, where he was country leader in tax.

  • During the 16 years László spent in the tax consulting industry, as senior manager and director he worked for leading international and Hungarian companies and he also gained work experience in London after graduated at the university as an economist.
  • László has wide experience in various projects, including assisting foreign investors to establish Hungarian operation, negotiating with banks and other financial institutions, authorities to receive grants and incentives, tax planning, international taxation and managing full-scope of tax compliance work.
  • László is a registered tax advisor and a member of the Hungarian Economic Association. He also possesses a Diploma in International Business from Anglia Ruskin University.